The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Nat Nelson: Vaudevillian Extraordinaire

Snapshot of “Dead Draw” edits.

Coming Soon: “Dead Draw”

“Dead Draw” is the first in a series of three novels following Greyson Marconi around the underbelly of New York City in the late 1800’s as he strives to gain power and control of the underground empire.

Featuring characters that have been in development since 1996, “Dead Draw” is the ultimate realization of a novel that is over 20 years in the making.


“The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Nat Nelson: Vaudevillian Extraordinaire”

“I’m already Nat Nelson, the Vaudevillian…but now I’m your Vaudevillian.”


These fateful words bind Nat Nelson to manager Robbie Hegman and pluck him from life in a small mining town only to throw him headlong into the dubious business of Vaudeville.

Armed with Nat’s vast talent and his own unmitigated ambition, Robbie propels Nat to incredible heights. But when Nat’s ambition outpaces Robbie, who refuses to book him in New York City, Nat takes matters into his own hands, ignorant of the secret Robbie harbors. In his haste, Nat unkowingly stokes the embers of Robbie’s smoldering rivalry. Now Robbie must keep one step ahead of a tenacious enemy while Nat maintains his reputation, which lingers a breath away from ruin.

Set in the fast-paced heyday of Vaudeville, “…Nat Nelson…” follows a young man as he discovers himself and carves an indelible niche in a rarely publicized era of American entertainment.


Currently Undergoing Rewrites for Query Submission

This title has been removed from sale to the general public to undergo some exciting rewrites!

A limited number of first-round copies available by request.


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